There are untold thousands of sites which discuss the time of the end. This page lists a few that appear to be relevant and discerning. This page will continue to be a work in progress as sites are added and new information comes to the surface. The first three entries are not regularly updated links, but contain information that every saint currently dwelling upon the face of the earth should take into consideration. These should awaken the slumbering, and encourage those who are in Christ to hold fast the profession of their faith.

 PREPARING FOR THE UNDERGROUND CHURCH In todays western societies, this seems like an impossible thing, however, it is very much on the horizon. As the orchestrated collapse progresses, the persecution of those who stand for Jesus and the word of God will be villified and eventually put to death. We’re not to fear these things, but we must understand that perilous times are upon us. Richard Wurmbrand wrote this article after spending years in a Romanian prison during the Ceaucescu regime.

GODS WORD WILL BE AN ANCHOR IN THE STORM This vision details the importance of abiding in truth and having our affections set in heavenly places. It reveals the way that God sustains those who love him; even in the midst of darkness that can be felt.

SANCTUARY This post, written by Michael Boldea, encourages us to seek the will of God in these final days. We must make sure that Jesus Christ is our refuge and not a religion, a program of men, or any other foundation that rests upon the sand. This posting will encourage any who read it.

And now, on to the primary sites:

OVERVIEW OF THE NEW WORLD ORDERS AGENDA  A few short  years ago, such  discussion would have remained primarily within the congregations of conspiracy theorists who lived in a dingy corner of their parents basements and spent their days surfing the world wide web. Today, however, what was once considered unthinkable is manifesting in plain site. Scriptural fulfilment is taking place before our eyes on a daily basis. We must draw close to Jesus and be filled with the Holy Spirit if we’re to stand in the evil days ahead.

LAST TRUMPET NEWSLETTER On this site, Samuel D. Meyer continues the work which his father began in 1981. It covers the reports of the day from a biblical and prophetic perspective. I would encourage anyone to visit this site and to check out the archived audio messages from pastor David J Meyer.

STEVE QUAYLE This site has two distinct areas; both which are packed full of information.

NEWS / PROPHECY This area is updated on weekdays and contains information of a prophetic nature. There are several aditional areas, including a page wherein dreams and visions  are posted.

GIANTS We tend to think of folks like Shaquille O,Neil as being giants and the words of Numbers 13:33 as being more figurative than actual. Yet giants were very much a factor in those days. In Deuteronomy 3:11, we learn that Og, the king of Bashan was fourteen feet tall. There is the possibility that such a thing could transpire again before the end of the age. Without a doubt, if fourteen ft. tall people came onto the scene, many hearts would fail for fear. With the ongoing experimentations in genetic engineering and questing for super-soldiers, one cannot rule out anything, however, I know that God is in control. (God delivered Og and his subjects into the hands of the children of Israel)

MILLENIUM ARK This is the primary site of Stan Deyo. Similar to Steve Quayles site (Holly Deyo does the updating for both) this site covers news of prophetic significance along anomalies in the geo-physical realm such as earthquakes in divers places, bizarre weather patterns, and what have you.

WATCHMANS CRY This is the site of Nathan Leal. It offers an array of articles and information pertaining to the times in which we live and harbingers of things soon to transpire.

PEERING INTO DARKNESS “Todays news in light of Gods prophecy.” These words define the objective of Sue Bradleys site. As we observe the goings on in the geo-physical realm, we know that the return of Jesus is at hand. We also know that, prior to his return, the earth is going to go through a season of tribulation greater than any before or any in the future. Jesus said that “except those days be shortened, there should no flesh be saved.”

WHAT DOES IT MEAN This regularly updated site features a plethura of news stories from across the globe; many of which have prophetic significance. The return of Jesus is drawing ever closer and the scriptural description of the times preceeding his appearing are beginning to manifest. The beginning of sorrows are upon us, but those who do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.

RAIDERS NEWS UPDATE This is the site of Tom Horn. It covers issues of prophetic significance with extensive information on the extra-terrestrial deceptions. These being are real and they are influencing the livces of many, however, they aren’t who most people think they are. Be they tall greys, short greys, reptillians, or what have you, these are fallen entities that seek to destroy whomsoever they can. Their primary function is to cause people to believe a lie. Their cover story will be seemless; appearing to be logical and beneficial.

DEFENDER PUBLISHING This is Tom Horns blog site, which contains a plethura of relative information and postings.

L.A. MARZULLI This author has appeared many times on Coast to Coast AM. He discusses, from a biblical perspective, the nephillim, along with other accounts of beings descending from the sky throughout the times of antiquity. Again, these beings are not who they claim to be. He does extensive investigating into the present-day UFO phenomenon, which continues to become more pronounced by the day. UFOs over O Hare Intl Airport, lights over Stevensville Texas and Manhattan, cattle mutilations, crop circles – the reports are escallating as the world is being prepared to believe a lie and wonder after a beast.

L.A. MARZULLI on WORDPRESS This is where he does most of his writing. This site is kept up to date and is well worth making frequent visits to.

It’s an interesting time in which we live. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, the signs of the end are everywhere as scriptural fulfilment moves according to Gods timetable. Yet despite all of this, many are able to bury their head in the sand and believe whatever the anchors on CNN told them. II Thessalonians 2:1-12 is coming to fruition before our eyes; in every community and every household.

DELUSION RESISTANCE This site contains an array of information; including testimonies of saints who, in the midst of an attempted alien abduction, called upon the name of Jesus. As soon as they called upon the name of the Lord, the ordeal ended and they were back where they belonged. These testimonies reveal beyond a doubt, the sinister agenda of these beings.

SHATTER THE DARKNESS With articles about end times deception, spiritual warfare, and related topics, Russ Dizdars site is an incredible resource.  This site also features a number of links and offers access to the archives of the “Shatter the Darkness” radio broadcast.

DON’T BE FOOLED 666 This is a saint whom I have met via the blogosphere. She writes with great discernment and understanding of the times in which we live. This is a great site for encouragement and considering of things soon to transpire. Much information can be found on this site.

SCOTTISH WARRIORS This is another saint whom I’ve met through this forum. He writes extensively about ensuring that our hearts are firmly fixed on Jesus and the age to come. For those who love Jesus in spirit and in truth, this site is a real blessing.

HEAVEN AWAITS This site covers an array of topics from a biblical perspective. Marianne incorporates extensive research into every posting. This is a site to visit on a regular basis.

MICHAEL BOLDEA He understands the lateness of the hour and encourages those who are in Christ to set their affections on things above. He writes with much discernment concerning the goings on in our time and what we are to be doing as this age rushes toward its conclusion.

DISCERNIT I came across this site on Dec 27, 2010, while doing a search on the topic of “kundelani spirit.” (Oh how we need to be discerning in these times!) While listening to a broadcast featuring Pat Holliday, she discussed how this spirit is getting into  churches and deceiving many. A google search led me to a 2008  posting on this site. Upon going to the home page, I learned that the site is still active and the most recent posting is very timely indeed. It’s called Picture of a Prophet by Leonard Ravenhill and will cause one to examine, not only themselves, but much of what takes place today in the name of Christianity.

This page is not yet completed, however the above links will offer countless hours of surfing to any who have countless hours to spend in cyber-space. Other sites will be added as time permits. The sites mentioned here are of such importance that I’m establishing this page before putting together a significant posting on this site.


2 Responses to “END TIMES SITES”

  1. Hey Tim – long time since I’ve been around the blogosphere to any degree & intrigued to see your blogs changed looks (as has my own) in that time :). Glad to see you’re still managing to put out the odd post here & there and this list is a really useful one – lots of sites I’ve not come across before.

    As you say – some things seem too sci-fi for us to truly consider they could happen yet you only have to look at the world today to see how things can change in a heartbeat. I’ve long maintained that a second can change your life in every respect and we perhaps all need to be much more prepared.

    I think there are so many who get caught up in certain doctrines refusing to consider the alternatives e.g. the Rapture – I’ve been a diehard Rapturite then swung to the opposite view before coming to recognise it’s not important – at least not as much as just living & teaching the Gospel. The Rapture doctrine will never change lives but the Gospel can and will. And ultimately whether there’s a Rapture or not, we all need to live as if the next second might be our last because some day it will be however it happens.

    So may God bless you mightily for continuing to spread His Word to all your blog visitors.

    Looking forward to meeting you in the not too distant future in His Presence :))

    Blessings, Romayne

  2. Hi Romayne. It’s so good to hear from you. I’ve been away from the blog, but trying to get back to somewhat regular posting. (I hope) Thanks for your thoughts about the rapture as I’m coming to the same conclusion as you have expressed here. If we are ready to meet Jesus always, and ready to lay down our lives for him always, it really won’t matter when the rapture takes place. Thanks for taking time to stop by.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.

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