“F O C U S” (Looking to Jesus as the end approaches)

Good afternoon. This is intended to become the primary blog for yours truly. As we head into the time of the end, it’s imperative to focus on those issues which are of eternal significance. While this has always been my desire, the truth is that the original site has become cluttered. “Harbingers” is a fresh start at the original motive; that being to monitor the indicators of the age, encourage the remnant, and offer a warning to any who, at their own peril, refuse to seek understanding. For those outside of the household of faith, this means encouraging them to come in to Jesus before time runs out. For the lukewarm, it means shaking them from their slumber; ecnouraging them to recommit to their first love, Jesus, and to diligently seek him concerning all things.

As this site goes (or is planned to go) into full gear at the beginning of 2011, I have no idea as to how it will unfold. (It’s going to be a long process of transferring links and other data from the other site) Our “best laid plans with the best of intentions” can be derailed in a moment; either by circumstance or by the Lord leading us into another direction. My prayer is that the Lords will be done in this venue and when it’s time to depart the cyber-world, that we will be atuned and hearing. May our entire focus and affections be upon the Lord Jesus Christ, who is returning for a bride without spot and blameless. Until the next time, blessings always in Jesus name.



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